High Level Leadership Development...
...for Students with an Edge!

At Edge, our vision for student leaders goes beyond organising fundraising sausage sizzles for the end of year ball.  As teenagers, young people can be taught the skills to influence well and to learn and transfer life skills easily and effectively to their peers.  Students shape their own culture at key life stages even more than staff, parents or coaches.  We see students shaping culture positively, setting new norms, triggering welcome change amongst their peers and it can happen in a school near you!  Through transferring key values and strategies; see leaders, teams and classes lift to a whole new level.  Wether you have 1 day, a week or a 10 sessions across a term to invest, give us a call to see how we can assist you to develop core values in the culture of your students.  


Expect a little more from your next camp!