Onsite Activites Busselton Baptist Camping Centre

Taking full advantage of Busselton Baptist Camping Centre’s open grass areas and superb beachfront we offer a number of great activities - right on site! 

These include:

Sea-kayaking Skills

This activity is a great introduction to the world of paddling. We provide safety instruction, demonstrations & opportunities to practice skills in a series of fun & engaging relays. These are opportunities to enage a large number of students at once in this fun & inexpensive skills development activity. The majority of students will leave each session having the ability to steer & control a kayak making their subsequent activities more fun & safe in the future. This activity happily stands alone or can lead into a genuine sea-kayak journey at one of the nearby bays 20 minutes from site.

Raft Building

Stuck on a desert island?  Just a few barrels & some driftwood floating on by… Could you build a raft?  How would you do it?  Could you work with your team to build it & would it float?  All these questions are answered in this fun & engaging team building activity.  With multiple attempts at designing, building & paddling the raft we integrate the lessons & values to assist you build into your students the attitudes & skills that make them champions in teams!

Team Adventure

At Edge Tours, we have 3 goals

1 - To develop Leadership

2 - To Build Community

3 - To Integrate Values


We have a huge range of facilitated activities that will do exactly this.  Based on the outcomes you want for your group, we will tailor the staff & activities to your needs & desired outcomes.  You can do 3 hours of activities OR do a whole day!

Low Ropes Elements

With similar aims as the Team Adventure games, we have a category of activities that involve the elements of balance and dependence on physical support from peers. 

Low-ropes Team Adventures include - mohawk walk, prouty’s landing, Crock-Pond, TP shuffles etc.